On Politics

Another issue I sometimes argue about with like-minded people is the relation of Feminism with politics and political ideologies. Where a Feminist or a supporter of a gynocentric society should be classified politically? The dominant opinion is that Feminism is a part of Left politics. This is because, according to the generally accepted theory, the […]

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Feminism and Equality

An issue I have often came across while discussing issues related to Women’s empowerment is the term “Feminism” and its relation with Gynocentrism and Female Supremacy. This is an issue that has troubled many people as there is no universally accepted definition of Feminism and we often see people giving different interpretations to the meaning […]

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Why Female Supremacy?

Why Women are superior? Some people may wonder why I support Female Supremacy and Matriarchy since I am a male. I need to clear up that I am not a masochist, a sissy/crossdresser, or someone with a similar fetish. I am just a heterosexual male who achieved to realise the truth by putting aside my […]

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